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In 2016, ChristmasVille started an exciting tradition: the re-creation of the

Vernon Grant People’s Choice Santa image, into a 3D museum-quality model! 

This year, the 7th model was commissioned for “Classy Santa”, the 2021 People’s Choice Winner.  Take a stroll along Main Street to spot these handmade treasures.

You can even turn it into a fun scavenger hunt!

  • 2015 People’s Choice: It All Starts With Dear Santa - sponsored by Harry Dalton

  • 2016 People’s Choice: Job Well Done -  sponsored by Joe Lanford

  • 2017 People’s Choice: Santa Remembers Everyone – sponsored by Arts Council of York County

  • 2018 People’s Choice: Checking it Twice – sponsored by The City of Rock Hill

  • 2019 People’s Choice: Santa, Am I on The List? 

  • 2020 People’s Choice: Flowers for Santa – sponsored by Piedmont Medical Center

  • 2021 People’s Choice: Classy Santa – sponsored by Culture and Heritage Museums

If you're unable to find all the 3D Santa's on your own, just click on "GO" and we'll share the locations.


10 frogs have taken up permanent residence in Old Town Rock Hill, and they are ready for ChristmasVille festivities with their adorably festive Santa hats! 

The frogs have been strategically placed, each in their own special location according to clues in their bio. Like and share on Facebook and use #OldTownFrogs.

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