About ChristmasVille 2023


ChristmasVille is an annual holiday festival held in Rock Hill, South Carolina, that celebrates the joy and magic of the holiday season. The festival features a variety of activities, including live performances, art exhibitions, holiday markets, and festive decorations throughout the city. Now operating as an independent 501(c)(3) organization, ChristmasVille remains committed to creating an enchanting experience for the community and visitors alike.


2023 ChristmasVille Theme – “Belong”


During the 2023 Festival, everyone BELONGS, regardless of age, ethnicity, socio-economic status, or background. The support from our sponsors keeps our festival activities affordable (and free in most cases) and available to everyone to make those magical memories. This year, we’re making sure all of Old Town BELONGS in the festivities stretching from Fountain Park to The Power House. No matter where you are from, visiting, or a life-long resident, YOU BELONG at ChristmasVille!


2023 ChristmasVille Chair & Board


Board President

  • Andrea Cooper, Comporium

Festival Chair

  • Alice Williams Davis, Williams & Fudge

Festival Vice Chair

  • Maddie Ewing, Dream Team United

Executive Director

  • Allison Cleveland, ChristmasVille

    Board of Governors

    • Jillian Bingham, Culture & Heritage Museums
    • Charlotte Brown, Mac’s Hospitality Group
    • Andrea Cooper, Comporium
    • Alice Davis, Williams and Fudge
    • Debbie Garrick, Winthrop University
    • Chloe Gill, Piedmont Medical Center
    • Nikita Jackson, North Central Family Medicine
    • JP McFadden, McFadden’s
    • Allan Miller, OTS Media
    • Kyle Neely, Founders Federal Credit Union
    • Mary Lynn Norton, Vernon Grant Historian
    • Angie Perry, Greenleaf Education
    • Lain Reavis, Pinnacle Bank
    • Tracey Reynolds, Tracey Reynolds Attorney at Law
    • Toy Rhea, Gala Affairs
    • Lori Robishaw, Arts Council of York County
    • Justin Smith, Vinyet Architecture
    • Sarah Vining, Hickory Post
    • Andrew Vinson, Visit York County
    • City of Rock Hill Representative

    2023 ChristmasVille Team Leaders

    • Abigail Williams
    • Aimee Kline
    • Alice Hardin-Meeks
    • Amanda Oakes
    • Amanda Weber
    • Amy Chitwood
    • Andrea Barnette
    • Bette Jean Janicke
    • Carol Newman
    • Charlotte Brown
    • Christia Humburg
    • Colleen Coesens
    • Cortney Peterson
    • Dan Cox
    • Diana Braunbeck
    • Dawn Parker
    • Drew Jackson
    • Elaine Norman
    • Faith Ramsey-Hill
    • Haydan Smith
    • Heather Carter
    • Hannah Smith
    • Hope Prevette
    • Janice Miller
    • Katherine Seger
    • Katie Conley
    • Kristin Stacks
    • Lacy Daniel
    • Lesslie Pursley
    • Lisa Bzowski
    • Maddie Williams
    • Matt Starnes
    • Michelle Dawkins
    • Miles Curley
    • Natalie Hoekstra
    • Rob Russell
    • Neely Trull
    • Robbie Compton
    • Ryan Bridges
    • Sarah Lewis
    • Sandra Doherty
    • Stephanie ORourke
    • Susie Kirsch
    • Suzanne Ringer
    • Tami Windell
    • Teresa Rector
    • Terry Hagen
    • Terry Windell
    • Tiffany Wimmer
    • Tonya Janicke
    • Tracy Fisher
    • Trina Ricks
    • Wayne Miller

    Winner of four Southeast Festival and Events Association 2023 Kaleidoscope Awards.


    Event Photography

    By attending ChristmasVille, you understand and agree that your photograph or image may be taken in any public place. You further grant permission and consent to ChristmasVille Rock Hill to use any such photograph, video, or image for any reasonable purpose, including promotion of the festival.