About ChristmasVille 2024


ChristmasVille is an annual holiday festival held in Rock Hill, South Carolina, that celebrates the joy and magic of the holiday season. The festival features a variety of activities, including live performances, art exhibitions, holiday markets, and festive decorations throughout the city. Now operating as an independent 501(c)(3) organization, ChristmasVille remains committed to creating an enchanting experience for the community and visitors alike.


2024 ChristmasVille Theme – “Wonderful, Whimsical Wishes”


Welcome to ChristmasVille 2024, where our theme is “Wonderful, Whimsical Wishes”! But what does that entail, you ask? Picture a kaleidoscope of colors, twinkling lights dancing in the night, the sound of laughter filling the air, and pure, untouched FUN around every corner! Our mission? To awaken that childlike wonder and love for Christmas in each and every one of you. While we’ll still have all the fantastic games, rides, and activities that our younger festival-goers adore, this year, we’re turning up the magic for adults too! Get ready for an array of events specially tailored to ignite the festive spirit within you. So, whether you’re five or ninety-five, prepare to be swept away by the whimsy and wonder of ChristmasVille 2024!


2024 ChristmasVille Festival Chair


Maddie Ewing

Introducing Maddie Ewing, the heart and soul behind this year’s ChristmasVille festivities! As the Festival Chair for 2024, Maddie brings boundless enthusiasm and a deep-rooted passion for her hometown of Rock Hill.

With a rich background in marketing and community engagement, Maddie’s journey to the helm of ChristmasVille has been nothing short of extraordinary. From her tenure as the Marketing and Outreach Director for Carolinas Dream Team with Keller Williams to her current role as the Area Marketing Manager for Piedmont Medical Center, Maddie’s dedication to uplifting her community shines through in everything she does.

A proud Rock Hill native, Maddie’s commitment to service began in her high school years, where she volunteered for local youth sports teams. Since then, she has been an active member of the Rock Hill Parks Foundation and the ChristmasVille board, lending her expertise and passion to these vital community organizations.

Maddie’s leadership at ChristmasVille has been nothing short of transformative. From her early days as a Team Leader to her election as Festival Vice Chair in 2023, Maddie has played a pivotal role in shaping the festival into the beloved event it is today. Now, as Festival Chair for 2024, Maddie is on a mission to make this year’s ChristmasVille the most enchanting and memorable yet.

With a keen focus on supporting local businesses, fostering community spirit, and spreading joy to all who attend, Maddie is dedicated to making this year’s festival a resounding success. So come one, come all, and join Maddie as she leads us on a whimsical journey through the magic of ChristmasVille!


2024 ChristmasVille Chair & Board


Board President

  • Justin Smith, Vinyet Architecture

Festival Chair

  • Maddie Ewing, Piedmont Medical Center

Festival Vice Chair

  • Faith Ramsey-Hill, Comporium

Executive Director

  • Gracie Waldrop, ChristmasVille

    Board of Governors

    • Jillian Bingham, Culture & Heritage Museums
    • Elssy Carpenter, City of Rock Hill
    • Allison Cleveland, YCCVB
    • Andrea Cooper, Comporium
    • Melanie Cooper, Arts Council
    • Alice Davis, Williams and Fudge
    • Maddie Ewing, Piedmont Medical Center
    • JP McFadden, McFadden’s
    • Allan Miller, OTS Media
    • Kyle Neely, Founders Federal Credit Union
    • Angie Perry, Greenleaf Education
    • Brittany Pigford, Winthrop University
    • Faith Ramsey-Hill, Comporium
    • Lain Reavis, Pinnacle Bank
    • Tracey Reynolds, Tracey Reynolds Attorney at Law
    • Toy Rhea, Gala Affairs
    • Justin Smith, Vinyet Architecture
    • Sarah Vining, Hickory Post
    • Andrew Vinson, Arthur State Bank
    • City of Rock Hill Representative

    2024 ChristmasVille Team Leaders

    • Alice Hardin-Meeks
    • Amanda Haskins
    • Amanda Oakes
    • Amanda Weber
    • Amy Chitwood
    • Andrea Barnette
    • Bella Bowden
    • Bette Jean Janicke
    • Brittani Rayfield
    • Bryan Boan
    • Carol Newman
    • Chloe Gill
    • Christia Humburg
    • Cindy Downing
    • Colleen Coesens
    • Cortney Peterson
    • Dan Cox
    • Diana Braunbeck
    • Donna Smarr
    • Doug Hurst
    • Drew Jackson
    • Hope Prevette
    • Heather Carter
    • Jason Freeman
    • Jenna Woods
    • Jonathan Dawkins
    • JP McFadden
    • Lauren Butler
    • Lisa Bzowski
    • Mary Freeman
    • Matt Starnes
    • Meghan Caldwell
    • Megan Madsen
    • Michelle Dawkins
    • Natalie Hoekstra
    • Robbie Compton
    • Ron Russell
    • Ryan Bridges
    • Samantha Kriegshauser
    • Sarah Lewis
    • Sarah Vining
    • Teresa Rector
    • Terry Hagen
    • Tiffany Wimmer
    • Tonya Janicke
    • Trina Ricks

    Winner of four Southeast Festival and Events Association 2023 Kaleidoscope Awards.


    Event Photography

    By attending ChristmasVille, you understand and agree that your photograph or image may be taken in any public place. You further grant permission and consent to ChristmasVille Rock Hill to use any such photograph, video, or image for any reasonable purpose, including promotion of the festival.