ChristmasVille Activity Form 

Are you a local business, individual, civic, church, or or educational group, looking to host an activity to add to the spirit of ChristmasVille? Then you are in luck!


Please complete the Activity Form linked below by October 15, 2022 for review. 

The information that you provide will be used during the review process. 

You will later have an opportunity to adjust the specific details for promotional purposes (staying true to what was initially submitted).   


It is your responsibility to make sure all information is correct and to notify Martin Lane at if any information changes after submission. 

In an effort to protect ChristmasVille sponsors, officially sanctioned activities are not to use the ChristmasVille name in their event title, but can state that the activity occurs during ChristmasVille.

Any submissions received after October 15th are not guaranteed to be considered or promoted as an activity during the festival.