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The 2022 ChristmasVille Festival Won Numerous Awards!

We just returned from the Southeast Festival and Events Association 2023 Kaleidoscope Awards with FOUR awards. Check out each award below to learn more! 

DEI Award at KP.jpg

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Award

Sensory Sensitive Santa Event

Sponsored by:  Knowledge Perk

New to the 2022 ChristmasVille landscape was the Sensory Sensitive Santa Event. Though not a new concept within the event industry, this was the first intentional effort to have a standalone event for this particular underserved community of individuals with sensory sensitivities and their families - families who don’t typically have the luxury to attend festivals such as ChristmasVille. 


To read more about this event, click here

DEI Award at KP.jpg

Best New Event Award

Christmas Wishes

Sponsored by:  Carolina Panthers, Ecclesia Construction,
& Tracey Reynolds Attorney at Law

Historically, the ChristmasVille Festival has given back to our community each year by supporting various non-profits and outreach programs through direct monetary donations. In 2021, a new initiative was created called “Christmas Wishes” to identify and meet the needs of local families through partnerships with other local nonprofit organizations. Individuals sponsored a child which allowed for festival organizers to fulfill those wishes, many of which included toys, clothes, books, and items you’d find at the top of any kid’s wish list. 


In 2022, Christmas Wishes evolved even more. To read more about this event, click here.

Sponsor Award.jpg

Best Sponsor Award

Arts Council of York County

Since 1977, the Arts Council of York County has provided continuous support of arts education, music, theater, dance, literary arts and visual arts, while also assisting major arts organizations in York County and the surrounding area. They are committed to building York County as an arts destination and serve the community through diverse arts programming and their small grants program. Their staff goes above and beyond what is expected, by pitching in when a need is identified, oftentimes working when not scheduled in order to ensure a successful event and overall Festival.  

To read more about this award, click here. 

DEI Award at KP.jpg

Best Merchandise Award

Sleeping Giant Distillery's ChristmasVille Edition Rum

The spirit of the season and merriment of Christmas is woven into every aspect of ChristmasVille - including the liquid spirits, as distilled, blended and bottled by Sleeping Giant Distillery! Once all the key people were involved, meetings took place to discuss the flavor profile and label design, and a spiced rum was selected; a truly unique rum that provided a signature velvety smooth mouthfeel that can only be enjoyed through the small batch process that has been perfected by the passionate duo. It featured a rich sweetness with delicious notes of vanilla, apple and cinnamon, as well as bold flavors of allspice and cloves with mellow undertones of oak.


To read more about this award, click here

Merchandise Award.jpg
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